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Members with CMA® Credentials

    • Emily J. Anderson, CMA, CPA

    • Larry J. Ardner, CMA
    • Pamela S. Benner, CMA, CFM
    • Megan Leigh Brainard, CMA
    • Ryan Brickwood, CMA
    • Logan Ross Browning, CMA
    • Jarod M. Cefaratti, CMA
    • Benjamin Hughes Childers, CMA
    • Jamie M. Coffey, CMA, CPA
    • Michael A. Discenza, CMA, The Timken Company
    • Ted R. Dria, CMA, CPA, Case Farms
    • Sharla Marie Elton, CMA
    • Brian M. Engelhardt, CMA
    • Kathy A. Figard, CMA, Lockheed Martin Corp
    • Jose A Franco, CMA
    • Valerie A. Giarrana, CMA
    • Christopher Charles Alan Holmes, CMA
    • Karen Hutnick, CMA, Timken Co
    • Christopher J Ippolito, CMA
    • Christina A. Jackson, CMA, CPA, Americhem, Inc.
    • Darrell R. Kamph, CMA, CPA, Peoples Services, Inc.
    • Andrew J Knapp, CMA, CPA
    • George D. Kourkounakis, CMA, Barbour Publishing Inc
    • Sadie Larrick, CMA
    • Rick G. Lindenberger, CMA, CPA
    • Keith J. Lintz, CMA, CPA, Clow Water Systems Co
    • Jane E. Litz, CMA
    • Gregory J. Lytz, CMA, CPA, Mid-Atlantic Broadband Corp
    • Michael Mayer, CMA
    • William J. McBride Jr, CMA, CFM
    • Amy L. Miller, CMA, CPA
    • Keith R. Miller, CMA, Holmes Custom Molding
    • Janette M. Murphy, CMA
    • Dr. Kristine K Parsons, CMA, CFM
    • Dustin D. Parsons, CMA, CPA, ZIMMER
    • Effie Richardson, CMA
    • Jessica N. Sattler, CMA
    • Mark A. Schoolcraft, CMA, Mark Schoolcraft
    • David William Schusler, CMA
    • John J. Slowey, CMA, CPA, The J. M. Smucker Company
    • Albert H. Smith, CMA, CPA, Malone University
    • Mary Ann Sponseller, CMA, CPA, Walsh University
    • Dr. John M Strefeler, CMA, CFM, CPA, Professor Emeritus
    • Pollianne Truman, CMA, CPA
    • Kendra Ward, CMA
    • Joe L. Wayne, CMA, CPA
    • William L. Welch, CMA, CPA
    • Joyce A. Wilson, CMA, CPA, EMSCO Inc
    • Travis H. Young, CMA, CPA, The J. M. Smucker Co.
    • Russtina J. Zerkle, CMA, Haltec Corporation
    • Deborah K. Zimmerman, CMA, TimkenSteel Corporation
    • Barbara A. Zwick, CMA


Members with CFM Credentials

    • Pamela S. Benner, CMA, CFM
    • William J. McBride Jr, CMA, CFM
    • Dr. Kristine K Parsons, CMA, CFM
    • Dr. John M Strefeler, CMA, CFM, CPA, Professor Emeritus



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