Member Recognition

Owen E. Riley
Member of the Year Award

The Owen E. Riley Member of the Year Award is a way of saying “Thank You” for being actively involved in the Canton Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants. Actual attendance at the technical sessions and seminars is required for the chapter to gain reimbursement from National. This in turn supports the on-going chapter. Attendance at dinner is not required. Credit for attendance at another chapter meeting is given when the Director of Meetings is notified. Listed below are some of the ways that members may participate more fully in IMA activities:

1. Sponsoring a new member
2. Attendance:
(a) Chapter Technical Sessions and Board Meetings
(b) IMA Sponsored Educational Seminars and
(c) Chapter Sponsored Special Events
(Plant tours/Social activities)
3. Service:
(a) As a Chapter Officer or On The Board of
(b) As a State or National Officer or Director
4. CMA Program: Sit for/or Pass CMA or Conduct
Review Sessions
5. Community Involvement

  Awardee Year
  Richard L. Courtney 2014-2015
  Patricia K. Sparks 2014-2015
  Richard L. Courtney 2013-2014
  Patricia K. Sparks 2013-2014
  Rick Lindenberger  2012-2013
  Emil Alecusan 2011-2012
  Kristine K. Parsons 2010-2011
  Mary Beth Rinehart 2009-2010
  Laura L. Weisgarber 2008-2009
  Patricia K. Sparks 2007-2008
  Richard L. Courtney 2006-2007
  Joyce A. Keane 2005-2006
  Pamela A. Porubcansky 2004-2005
  Kenneth M. Riley 2003-2004
  Kenneth M. Riley 2002-2003
  Joyce A. Keane  2001-2002 
  Pamela A. Porubcansky 2001-2002
  Evelyn P. Hronec 2000-2001
  Patrica K. Sparks 2000-2001
  Ronald S. Young 1999-2001
  Mark A. Schoolcraft 1998-1999
  Mary Beth Rinehart 1997-1998
  Owen E. Riley 1996-1997
  Gerald Stopar 1995-1996
  Rick G. Lindenberger 1994-1995
  Kenneth M. Riley 1993-1994
  Lynn McAninch 1992-1993
  Emil R. Alecusan 1991-1992
  Pamela A. Porubcansky 1990-1991 
  Joyce A. Keane 1989-1990 
  Patricia K. Sparks 1988-1989
  Stanley W. Urban 1988-1989
  Stanley W. Urban 1987-1988
  Stanley W. Urban 1986-1987
  Joyce A. Keane 1985-1986
  Robert Geiser 1984-1985
  Patricia K. Sparks 1983-1984
  D. Joseph Luther 1981-1982
  O. Bernard Mount 1977-1978
  Florence J. Darrah 1976-1977
  Florence J. Darrah 1975-1976
  Florence J. Darrah 1974-1975
  Donna J. McConnell 1973-1974
  Richard A. Duro 1972-1973
  Joseph J. Fedevich 1971-1972
  Joseph J. Fedevich 1970-1971
  Arlene Mentzer 1969-1970
  Edward A. Jevec 1968-1969




Stuart Cameron McLeod Society

Membership in the STUART CAMERON McLEOD SOCIETY (SCMS) consists of current and past national officers and directors of the Institute of Management Accountants. The purpose of the SCMS is to promote and perpetuate friendships developed through service in IMA. It also provides an opportunity for its members, through their interest and experience, to offer leadership and guidance in development, growth and expansion of the Institute of Management Accountants.

The SCMS was formed in 1934 as the Spot Club. In 1957, the name was changed in recognition of Stuart Cameron McLeod, one of the founders of the Spot Club and Executive Secretary of IMA from 1919-1944 until his death.

The trophy awarded to the third place chapter in the Stevenson competition is sponsored by the SCMS. The Society also sponsors the “S. Alden Pendleton Award for Excellence in the Community Service Program of the IMA.” In addition, the Society provides judges for the selection of the recipients of the Stuart Cameron and Margaret McLeod Scholarships.

SCMS is also known as the “Society for Continuing Membership Services.” This describes your fellow chapter members who are active members.

The following SCMS members belong to our chapter:

      • Richard A. Duro
      • Thorpe J. McConville

Distinguished Service Certificate





Owen Riley



William Lucas



Manuscript Activity

The Chapter’s manuscript activity encourages original writing by chapter members on subjects about management accounting. The act of writing helps the members gain more insight into their chosen field, and it improves the author’s ability to communicate. In addition, the Chapter earns points toward the Divisional Trophy competition. Manuscripts must be submitted to National by November 26 each chapter year. A Lybrand gold medal, a Lybrand silver medal, a Lybrand bronze medal, and Certificates of Merit are awarded each year to Institute authors whose manuscripts are judged outstanding contributions to accounting literature.
Management Accounting, which you receive quarterly, includes articles written by chapter members. Strategic Finance will be sent monthly. The national organization depends on the steady flow of such writing in order to select the best work for publication consistent with the prestige of our accounting institute.

Manuscripts for completion purposes are classified under two basic types, general and accounting practices. An accounting practice type of manuscript may be a case study, a description of a current or past accounting practice or an actual experience in a company with a technique, system, or procedure. It should be “How we do it” oriented. Consideration in review by the IMA Office is not based upon size of an article but upon its relative contribution to accounting literature.

Several members of the Canton Chapter have joined this distinguished club.

  Member Year
  Lynn McAninch, Published 1997
  William Wucinich, Certificate of Merit 1990-91
  William Wucinich, Certificate of Merit 1989-90
  William Wucinich, Certificate of Merit 1978-79
  Donald A. Cameron, Certificate of Recognition 1970-71
  Richard A. Duro, Certificate of Recognition 1969-70
  David R. Slutzker, Certificate of Recognition 1968-69
  Romeo C. Starnieri, Certificate of Merit 1966-67
  Michael Hromish, Certificate of Recognition 1966-67
  Robert L. Carr, Certificate of Merit 1960-61 & 1962-63

Perfect Attendance

  Member Term
  Patricia K. Sparks 33 years
  Richard L. Courtney 7 years
  Karen Hutnick 4 years
  Jesse E. Allison 3 years
  Ted R. Dria 1 year
  Kathy A. Figard 1 year
  Janet Lauer 1 year
  Donald C. Mullen 1 year
  Kristine K. Parsons 1 year


“Long-Term Club” Members

Thank you to the dedication of members who, year after year, commit to becoming actively involved in contributing to the success of our chapter.

“60 Year Club” Members

  Member Joined
  James B. Frost, ELA Mar 1950

“50 Year Club” Members

  Member Joined
  Richard C. Eisenbrei, ELA Dec 1959
  George E. Mani, ELA Nov 1959
  A. J. Monastra, ELA Feb 1959
  Richard A. Duro, ELA Nov 1961
  Eugene L. Haidet, ELA Jan 1962
  Edward A. Jevec, ELA Oct 1964
  Robert J. McConnell, ELA May 1962
  Joseph R. Shurman, ELA Feb 1965



“25 Year Club” Members

  Member Joined
  Emil R. Alecusan, Brewster Cheese Jun 1975
  John P. Bodnar, ELM Aug 1973
  Louise A. Bowen, Hi Techmetal Group Sep 1977
  Marsha A. Bredenberg, Cain Toyota-BMW Inc Jan 1982
  Richard A. Buzza, ELM Feb 1971
  R. A. Darr, ELA Apr 1980
  Patrick E. Dougherty, Diebold Incorporated Oct 1981
  Marsha L. Elkins, Louisville Public Library Mar 1982
  Paul L. Ernenwein, Ohio Metal Working Products Co Mar 1979
  Scott D. Evans, H-P Products Inc Jun 1989
  Joseph J. Fedevich, ELA Jan 1966
  John H. Gotshall, Retired Jun 1974
  Robert E. Graef, ELA Nov 1982
  C. Thomas Greenwood, Spang Power Electronics May 1974
  Mary A. Gwynne, Retired Oct 1983
  Stephen R. Hines, Smith Dairy Products Dec 1975
  Mark A. Husted, Buckeye Corrugated Inc Jul 1981
  Karen Hutnick, The Timken Company May 1987
  Charles. Johnson, ELM Oct 1984
  Darrell R. Kamph Jun 1905
  Kathy R. Krisher, Strategic Focus, LTD Nov 1984
  Gabriel M. Landon, Wooster Brush Co Mar 1989
  Shirley J. Lawrence, Controlled Power Corp Nov 1976
  Rick G. Lindenberger, ELM May 1986
  William P. Lucas, ELM Mar 1976
  Gregory J. Lytz, Mid-Atlantic Broadband Corporation Sep 1987
  William J. McBride, BWXT PANTEX LLC May 1989
  Joseph X. McCarthy, ELA Apr 1968
  Donna J. McConnell, ELA Apr 1966
  Thorpe J. McConville, ELM Jan 1981
  Vincent J. Oddi, Morgan’s Foods Inc May 1970
  Steven O. Pittman, Bruner-Cox LLP Mar 1984
  Richard E. Rohrig, Buckeye Packing Co Apr 1974
  Mark E.Sedmock,Self-Employed Dec 1984
  Perry W. Somerville, ELM Jul 1976
  Patricia K. Sparks, Case Farms Mar 1982
  Mary Ann Sponseller, Walsh University Oct 1980
  Charles D. Stevenson, ELA Jun 1982
  Dr. John M. Strefeler, Retired Feb 1977
  Jeffery A. Walters, CBIZ MHM Sep 1986
  Joseph Wasik, ELA Nov 1973
  Joe L. Wayne, Self-Employed Dec 1986
  Nancy J. Wharmby, PBW Pharmacy, Inc Sep 1987
  Joyce A. Wilson, EMSCO, Inc Jul 1987
  Scott J. Yoss Jun 1905
  Michael J. Young Jun 1905




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