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IMA Chapter Recognition

The Canton Chapter has a history of dedicated service by its members and success in national and local competitions among chapters. Congratulations to the many members who have contributed to the the Chapter's success.

Community Responsibility Award

The Canton Chapter has been exemplary in providing service to the community. The Chapter has earned a Certificate in recognition of the efforts of the members ten times.

  Year Director
  2002-2003 Joyce A. Keane
  1994-1995 Bridget Y. Dando 
  1991-1992 John Slebodnik 
  1990-1991 Pam Porubcansky
  1989-1990 Jonathan Mitchell 
  1988-1989 Pam Porubcansky
  1986-1987 S. Douglas Steele
  1974-1975 Devere Englebach
  1973-1974 Jim Biddlestone
  1972-1973 Jim Biddlestone


S. Alden Pendleton Award

The Canton Chapter has earned the S. Alden Pendleton Award in recognition as the Chapter with the greatest achievement in community service many times.






Joyce A. Keane



Laura Weisgarber



Laura Weisgarber



Pam Benner



Pam Benner



Jane McKivigan


Newsletter Award

Stark Ravings features news of all aspects of the Canton Chapter activities - education, CMA, members, community service, and news from the National IMA organization.

  Year Award Director
  2008-2009 Bronze Medal Joyce A. Keane


Program-Roster Award

The Program-Roster book is designed to provide information of the mission, services and educational opportunities available to any management accounting and finance professionals in the community at-large. It also facilitates the networking among chapter members.

  Year Award Director
  2011-2012 Silver Medal Christy Jackson
  2008-2009 Gold Medal Pat Sparks
  2007-2008 Silver Medal Pat Sparks
  2004-2005 Silver Medal Pat Sparks


Public Relations Award

The Public Relations Director prepares a plan as required by National to inform members and the community at-large of the Canton Chapter activities. The publicity is sent to all media including newspapers throughout the area, radio stations and college publications.

  Year Award Director
  2009-2010 Silver Medal Pamela Porubcansky
  2008-2009 Gold Medal Pamela Porubcansky


Other Recogntions

  Year Award
  2003-2004 ORC Member Service Award -
Owen E. Riley
  1999-2005 Reinherr-Zaveson Trophy
  1998-1999 Heckert Award
  1997-1998 Financial Manager of the Year -
Lynn McAninch
  1996-1997 Monroe Award - Tied with Akron
  1996-1997 Ohio Council Award of Excellence - Ken Riley
  1995-1996 Reinherr-Zaveson Trophy
  1995-1996 Monroe Award
  1993-1994 Reinherr-Zaveson Trophy
  1988-1989 Reinherr-Zaveson Trophy*

* Canton retains the trophy retired by the Past President’s Club


The Chapter Competition

When the Institute established chapters, it assumed an obligation to assist them in meeting their responsibilities to their members. At first, assistance was accomplished through memoranda and correspondence. A system was developed early for periodic payments to chapter treasuries based on their membership.

To guide more clearly the concept of chapter operation, however, an annual competition among chapters was begun in 1924, at the suggestion of Charles R. Stevenson who donated a trophy to be awarded to the winner. The following year, a system of payments to chapters was incorporated. Since then, various other trophies and awards have been introduced to provide additional recognition for high performance and excellence of operations.

The competition is directed principally toward stimulating the chapters to promote the Institute’s objectives by providing a broad spectrum of activities and service to members. The three major objectives of the chapter competition are:

      • Establishing good performance standards through constant appraisal of point values and balance of competition activities by the External Member Relations Committee.
      • Measuring actual performance against the IMA Competition standards as evidenced in the reporting activities and point awards reflected in the competition monthly standings.
      • Awarding incentives such as trophies, banners and awards for excellence in planning, performance and reporting of chapter activities.

Recognition of achievement will be made through the presentations of trophies, banners, and awards at the IMA Annual Conference in June as well as earned at chapter meetings. This year’s competition extends from May 1 through April 30.

The Competition is credited with fostering a remarkable esprit de corps and kinship among chapters and individual members. Historically, the competition has long been considered and continues to be a sound and basic influence on the continued growth and advancement of the IMA.

Chapter officers and directors are to adhere to the standards of ethical conduct for management accountants in reporting the results of chapter operations.

Chapters can earn competition points and competition dollars in four primary ways: Membership, Education, Certification, and Level of Service. This is the only way the Canton Chapter receives any portion of the annual dues paid by you.

Ninety percent of our competition point budget requires YOUR participation in chapter activities. Member participation is considered a sound and basic influence on the continued growth of the Canton Chapter.

CHAPTER COMPETITION BANNERS - awarded to each of the fifteen leading chapters in the Stevenson Division, and each of the fifteen leaders in the Warner Division.

PRESIDENT’S AWARD - awarded to the chapter that has shown consistently good performance for the past five years.

  Year Award President
  2013-2014 Third Place Jesse Allison
  2013-2014 Brinkley Award Jesse Allison
  2012-2013 Third Place Laura L. Weisgarber
  2012-2013 Brinkley Award Laura L. Weisgarber
  2012-2013 J. Lee Nicholson Award Laura L. Weisgarber
  2011-2012 Second Place John M. Strefeler
  2010-2011 Third Place John M. Strefeler
  2010-2011 Brinkley Award John M. Strefeler
  2009-2010 Sixth Place Pamela Porubcansky
  2008-2009 Second Place Laura L. Weisgarber
  2008-2009 Nicholson Award Laura L. Weisgarber
  2007-2008 Seventh Place Kristine K. Parsons
  2006-2007 Third Place Pamela S. Brenner
  2006-2007 SCMS Trophy Pamela S. Brenner
  2005-2006 Seventh Place Joyce Keane
  2004-2005 Fourth Place Perry Somerville
  2004-2005 Kasunic Award Perry Somerville
  2003-2004 Second Place Ken Riley
  2003-2004 Remington Rand Trophy Ken Riley
  2003-2004 Kasunic Award Ken Riley
  2002-2003 Third Place Mark Schoolcraft
  2002-2003 Kasunic Award Mark Schoolcraft
  2002-2003 SCMS Trophy Mark Schoolcraft
  2001-2002 Seventeenth Place Pamela Porubcansky
  2000-2001 Thirteenth Place Rick G. Lindenberger
  1999-2000 Fifth Place Ronald S. Young
  1998-1999 Second Place Laura Weisgarber
  1998-1999 Remington Rand Trophy Laura Weisgarber
  1989-1990 22nd Place Joyce Keane
  1988-1989 Seventh Place Pat Sparks
  1973-1974 20th Place Charles Stevenson
  1966-1967 Fifth Place Michael Hromish


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